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Proof of Prophecy! Sadly Bieber cancels 2023 World Tour.

As I predicted in two previous posts, it looks like Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is down for the count. According to reports he just cancelled his 2023 "Justice World Tour" because of his ongoing facial paralysis issue. But, I can assure you, this is just the beginning of his extreme health problems. (Scroll below for more...)

Pictured below: At the age of 29, Justin Bieber is currently suffering from what would otherwise be considered an "old folks disease", Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which is causing facial paralysis, among other symptoms which have made it impossible for him to continue performing on stage.

Back on December 11, 2022, I posted an update to my original prediction for Justin Bieber. I've cut and pasted the update below (or, you can link to it here), but suffice it to say, I had predicted that Justin's singing career--or at least his livee stage performances-- would soon be over.

And, here we are. He's cancelled his tour for 2023, and it could take a couple of years for him to even think about rescheduling. What a nightmare for this young talented man! But, his debilitating symptoms will get worse, so much so that he'll have to stop singing altogether within the next 2-3 years.

Justin Bieber Update:

Bieber definitely defied my prediction that he would most likely never perform live again! He started touring again in August of this year. Nonetheless, you can clearly see that he struggles with low energy in his most recent performances in Italy and Norway, for example. I can assure you, he is able to do this ONLY with the help of blood transfusions ("doping" like that used by Lance Armstrong).

It's clear to see the difference in his vitality levels by comparing his most recent performances to this finale performance in 2021. This blood therapy is obviously successful in terms of helping him back onstage for now, but he will continue to struggle, and ultimately will suffer from severe migranes and dizziness which will be difficult to treat, and may even cause partial blindness and paralysis. As such, I stand by my original prediction that his singing career, which was supposed to be long and illustrious, will be cut short by his "rare condition".

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