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Proof of Prophecy! Sudden deaths soar, but the end is nowhere in sight! (Are you vulnerable?)

In a previous post, I predicted that jab-related deaths would spike in early 2023, but would peak in 2024, leaving decades (if not centuries) of genetic defects. What's more, if you have downloaded my ebook titled "My Super Secret to Accessing the Akashic Records", and have tried the simple yet powerful visualization exercise that I provided, you would already know that the more jabs people get, the more likely they are to exit their bodies (that is, die).

And, here we are. The Chinese just released a new study that proves that after just four booster jabs, mice genetically altered to model accurately the human response to the coronavirus, died as a result of a complete immune system failure! (More below)>>

In my previous post on December 11, 2022, I wrote:

"Thousands, if not millions of people around the world are not so lucky [as celebrities like Justin Bieber] to have the best of the best when it comes to healthcare, and as such, we should see more and more of these "sudden death" or "rare condition" stories throughout the next two years. I can see a big spike around the Spring of 2023, and a HUGE SWELL of deaths and cases related to the jab throughout the entire year of 2024 that will be hard to ignore. Fortunately, the worst will be over by early 2025, but the long term effects (genetic disorders galore!) will resonate "for centuries.""

Now, a new Chinese study confirms my fears. A recent Gateway Pundit post outlined the key findings of this study, and it's shocking to say the least:

"Our findings demonstrate potential risks with the continuous use of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine boosters, providing immediate implications [emphasis added] for the global COVID-19 vaccination enhancement strategies."

And, the researchers continued...

"We found that the protective effects from the humoral immunity and cellular immunity established by the conventional immunization were both profoundly impaired during the extended vaccination course."

This is all a very scientific way to say that when you use mRNA technology to bypass the natural immune system, and you keep doing it, you'll not only produce subvariants in your system, but you'll stop your natural immune system's ability to defend against them. Plus, without a solid immune system, just about any weakness (heart problems, shingles, etc.) or susceptability to immune disorders (cancer, etc.) will be amplified.

**Please note that if you or someone you know has received one or more jabs, you can download and adapt the visualization that I provided to predict your outcome. Or, feel free to give me a call for a reading for my own (non-medical) assessment!

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