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Proof of Prophecy! UK Bombed Nordstream pipeline, NOT USA, says Russia.

Back on October 21st, I accused Great Britain (NOT the USA) of bombing the Nordstream pipeline in September which stopped the flow of critical natural gas from Russia to the UK. While many believed that the UK government wouldn't do that to their own people, I suggested it was the puppets of the Royal family under the direction of the newly minted King Charles who had hand in it, all for massive fun and profit. (More below...)

Back on October 21st, I wrote:

"Prince (now King) Charles gives Prime Minister Liz Truss a civil handshake then kicks the door shut behind her (figuratively speaking). Who would he prefer? His loyal minion former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, of course! After all, Johnson successfully stopped peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in April of this year, extending the war to weaken Russia which increased profits for Royal-owned assets like BP, all the while upping inflows of cash from GB's American colonies into the royal military (NATO). I would even go so far to say that King Charles had a hand in the bombing of the natural gas pipelines, despite the fact that it has hurt his very own country. (Is this, perhaps a ploy to drag the UK's "useful idiot" American colonies further into war with Russia?)"

So, I bet you're saying to yourself, "Why should I trust Putin?" Trust whomever you want, but rest assured, blind trust in "institutions" like a Monarchy which is nothing more than a dressed up mafia is foolish, and it is clearly leading the UK into a state of depression and tyrrany. Fortunately, King Charles is not as opaque as the former Queen in terms of disguising the Royal Family's true nature.

Unfortunately, I would say that it could take at least 30-50 years (perhaps longer) for the masses in this part of the world to "wake up" to their new reality. And, I give the USA credit for not slipping into this type of dictatorial dystopia, where hunger is the "new normal". But hey, according to your dear leaders, you'll actually like it!

As an American who has some level of insight into what is actually going on behind the scenes both here and abroad, I have just one message: "TAKE A HIKE, Great Britain, and take your Royal@ss King Charles with you!"

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