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Proof of Prophecy Unfolding! Is Poland making peace with Russia? (Prediction Update)

If you read one of my recent updates (1/13/23) on the war in Ukraine (a.k.a. World War 3), you know that I predicted that POLAND would negotiate a peace agreement with Russia by July or August.

In particular, I wrote (January 13, 2023):

"Russia is doing a great job of fighting back in Ukraine, despite the Western propoganda that Ukraine is "winning". As I've pointed out in previous posts, I fully expect Russia to continue to "hold strong"...for the most part. But, there's still the issue of the northern area of the Donbas region where I 'see' that there is still much room for Ukraine (perhaps with the assistance of Poland) to wreak havoc, and that will continue until at least July or August. At that point, Russia will firmly "hold the line" and I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of peace negotiations between Russia and Poland!

Now, according to Col. MacGregor, it appears as if the olive branch has already been extended, thanks to China! Check out his comments at around the 2:55 mark in the video, below, and scroll down for some of my own updates and predictions>>

In that same prediction post, I wrote the following about Zelinsky, the current (moronic) leader of Ukraine:

"Yesterday, I saw a comment in a report that I was watching calling for current Ukraine President Zelinsky's death. And, while I'm certainly not calling for it myself, I do believe that he will be ousted as soon as March of 2023. Afterwards, the country (Ukraine) does settle back into a relatively quiet and peaceful co-existence with its Russian neighbors (at least for the time being). But, it will take another year or more (closer to 3) for those gas pipelines to Europe to be re-opened. Ouch!"

I'm writing this update on the 11th of March, so if I'm right about Zelinsky, he's right on the verge of being ousted. As much as I'd like to see him get a "taste" of what he's forced millions of Ukrainians to endure under his treachery, I do think he could get off easy if he were to sign a PEACE DEAL with Russia! And, yes, it is imminent as Nato forces are being held back quite handily by the Russian military. Plus, Putin and his crew have some pretty scary dudes on hand who'll force (with a capital "F") Zelinsky's hand into signing off on a deal.

However, with this move, Zelinsky will most certainly seal his fate, and I would not be surprised to see him assasinated for all the pain and misery he's caused. May he rot in Hell!

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