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Prophecy Unfolding: SBF is out of jail. Is this a sign that there's no prison time in his future?

As I've predicted in three previous posts (including this one on November 17th), it appears as if mega-fraudster SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) of the crooked crypto exchange FTX, will face no significant prison time for his crime of incompetence. Instead, if my predictions are correct, he's on his way to "freedom" least until meeting an untimely death a couple of years out. (More below)

Below: The crypto-schill known as "Bitboy Crypto" has been tracking SBF's activities closely, including a recent trip to the Bahamas to view the live hearing(s).

As reviled as SBF is by crypto investors around the world, scrutiny will soon turn towards "CZ" (CHANGPENG ZHAO), the head of rival exchange Binance and alleged CCP member. So, if you haven't already, please get all of your investments off of the Binance exchange (apparently, many have already been clued in, and are leaving Binance in droves).

Interestingly, despite there being many others within Alameda and FTX itself who were involved in (illegally) pocketing funds, I don't see as much attention being pointed in their direction as compared to that which Binance will suffer. However, in the long run, I do NOT necessarily see a Binance bankruptcy as it appears to recover from any Spring 2023 losses by Fall.

There is talk that COINBASE could be next to go bankrupt, but I do not see that happening. Instead, one of my favorites, could face major problems in 2023, so be cautious about going all in with them, as well.

The bottom line is that no matter how many times I "look" at the situation, SBF will not face prison time, but there will be much frustration for the crypto market throughout the Spring as a result of all of these revelations and allegations. No worry as by Fall of 2023, the crypto market appears to be back on its feet again for one last surge through early 2024. From there, I'm personally going to back out and into physical gold and foreign property as the WHO (World Health Organization) and Bill Gates are already doing a dry run on the next pandemic (more to come). As I stated in my previous post, I expect the global economy to crash in 2026, bringing crypto right down with it.

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