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Prophecy unfolding! Ukraine troops to "remove" Zelinsky, plus Russia peace with Poland?

While some Americans have been fooled into believing that we're "fighting for Democracy" in Ukraine, the fact of the matter is far more grim. Corrupt oligarchs like the country's dear leader, Zelinsky, have funneled US/NATO money and weapons into their own coffers and for their own private armies. Most have fled the country for shopping sprees in France,to enjoy their private yachts, and so on, all while Zelinsky has ordered everyday Ukrainians to "shelter in place" to act as human shields!

And, it gets worse! In the piece below, we learn of mounds of dead Ukrainian soldiers strewn about the country willy nilly, and the rampant spread of tuberculosis and other diseases among cold, under-trained and under-fed infantry. For those who attempt escape, they'll enjoy the reward of a brutal murder by Ukraine's own "secret police."

What a nightmare! When will it all end, and what of Zelinsky? Scroll down for more details.>>

Having watched streaming "man on the street" video from the Ukraine as far back as 2014, during the Obama/Biden-backed coup that overthrew the Russia-friendly government of Ukraine and brought in the current Nazi regime (that's no exaggeration), I have a pretty good understanding of what is really behind this war with Russia. It's a money and natural resources grab, not only by the corrupt Ukraine oligarchs, but also the monarchs & oligarchs of the West (including the USA). After all, Russia is, hands down, the most natural resource rich country in the world.

Plus, they own oil/gas pipelines that extend from Russia through Ukraine delivering energy to Europe. The West wants that stopped. They want EVERYTHING that is Russia's, and this is no change from the Nazi movement of WW2 which was supported by the Americans on both the Right and the Left (from President FDR to Grandpa Bush).

(Read my February 2022 summary of Ukraine's backstory here.)

The New World Order (formerly know as Nazi'ism) requires loads of energy, natural resources, as well as a single, centralized government and currency, to realize their dystopian dreams. Fortunately, there are those world leaders with other ideas, and dreams of a multi-polar (versus a unipolar) world (thank GOD!). They've come together in what is called the BRICS nations, and among them is Russia.

Russia is doing a great job of fighting back in Ukraine, despite the Western propoganda that Ukraine is "winning". As I've pointed out in previous posts, I fully expect Russia to continue to "hold strong"...for the most part. But, there's still the issue of the northern area of the Donbas region where I 'see' that there is still much room for Ukraine (perhaps with the assistance of Poland) to wreak havoc, and that will continue until at least July or August. At that point, Russia will firmly "hold the line" and I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of peace negotiations between Russia and Poland!

Now, with regards to Zelinsky himself, you'll know from my previous posts on March and September of 2022, I predicted his (forcible) removal from office by March of 2023:

"Yesterday, I saw a comment in a report that I was watching calling for current Ukraine President Zelinsky's death. And, while I'm certainly not calling for it myself, I do believe that he will be ousted as soon as March of 2023. Afterwards, the country (Ukraine) does settle back into a relatively quiet and peaceful co-existence with its Russian neighbors (at least for the time being). But, it will take another year or more (closer to 3) for those gas pipelines to Europe to be re-opened. Ouch!"

I've always had the thought that Zelinsky would be tortured and murdered by his own people, so it did not surprise me to hear the commentators in the video (above) suggest such an idea. Honestly, in my mind's-eye, I'm imagining all kinds of way that the beleaguered Ukrainians would love to see Zelinsky "get a taste of his own medicine".

Finally, I want to warn everyone that despite the success of Russia in terms of securing their own future "through strength" throughout the region, there will always be those seeking vengeance. I'm especially worried that Russia could be destroyed by key countries in Western Europe (German/Poland area) within 80 years! This, after many decades of sovereignty and relative prosperity. And, of course I have warned of an even "hotter" war in that region within five years in a previous post, as well.

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