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REMINDER: The year's lowest crypto/BTC dip is incoming. Here's the timing. (Predictions)

In at least one previous prediction post (this one from April of this year), I warned readers that August of this year was going to bring the year's biggest crypto dips, and now, we're beginning to hear expert warnings that such a dip is imminent! If you're curious about the timing, here's what I 'see' is on the horizon this month: (Scroll down for more!)

OK, so back in late April, I wrote the following regarding some of the moves to expect in crypto this year, and into 2024:

"I would DEFINITELY run for cover in July and even August as there could be the biggest correction of the year (take your profits!), but once again, I expect to see October through as late as April of 2024 to be pretty darn strong overall."

So, to be honest, I've been doing some day-trading with leverage using the new USA-approved platform CoinW, and have a strong recommendation for a "guru" you might want to follow who provides some interesting insights and rules that are easy to follow. I have found that method to be the best when combined with intuition and visualization, and so far, I'm at 100% success with a modest starting budget. (Check out the Member's Only area for the post which I'll put up later this afternoon).

Here's what's coming:

In terms of timing for the biggest dip, we're right on the cusp of it all...I am seeing late next week into the third week of August to be the best time to pick up bargain-low prices (big dip incoming!), so watch for a market low. Right after this dip, expect a small rebound, some market hesitation and another dip (not as low), and then a strong move to the upside in early September.

If you keep the above timing in mind, you won't get "trapped" into an unfavorable trade!

As always, it's important to remember, the crypto market is ridiculously volative (and manipulated by the big "market makers" and whales), so if you learn to anticipate their moves, you're on your way to more control.

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