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Russia/Ukraine Update: Peace talks between the West and Russia are on the table. What's next?

Featured video: Steve Turley does a good job outlining the peace talks that are apparently on the table between the US/UK+ and Russia. Can both sides come to an agreement? (More below!)>>

Back on September 23rd, I made the following predictions about the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine (UK/US/Germany+++):

"OK, so going forward over the next 3-6 months, I believe that the Ukrainians will attempt to penetrate these new Russia borders, but their efforts will fail (in pretty short the next 60-70 days or so). Russia will successfully fortify their extended borders. Sadly, the Russians will extend an olive branch to the Ukrainians, only to be frustrated by their feeble (inept) and indecisive leadership, leading to more uncertainty and potential (nuclear) conflict."

"The good news is that I do not 'see' Russia deploying nukes against Europe or the USA, but they are certainly poised to do so!"

Since I made my predictions, Russia has, in fact, stood their ground on their newly extended border between the Ukraine and the former Eastern regions of that country, as well as Crimea. Tensions have escalated as NATO (and covert American) ops pierced their border, and anyone halfway sane in this world screamed, "Stop the madness before we all get nuked!"

Now, it appears that the West is extending an olive brance, or are they?

Don't count on it! I fully expect to see an "offer" of sorts made to Russia that goes something like this:

Give back the East and Crimea. Period.

Of course Putin's answer would be a resounding "No!", but I do see much worry in the mind of this Russian leader. To him, NATO and Ukraine appear as if they are simply not going to give up! However, in truth, they've exhausted all of their tactics, so I wouldn't expect to see any kind of escalation towards nuclear detonation anywhere in the world in the foreseeable future, although I wouldn't be surprised to see missiles launched in Turkey at some point.

Now, with regards to the Ukrainian Zelinsky problem. Remember, in my September post, I saw him being removed (forcibly) from office in March of 2023:

"Yesterday, I saw a comment in a report that I was watching calling for current Ukraine President Zelinsky's death. And, while I'm certainly not calling for it myself, I do believe that he will be ousted as soon as March of 2023. Afterwards, the country (Ukraine) does settle back into a relatively quiet and peaceful co-existence with its Russian neighbors (at least for the time being). But, it will take another year or more (closer to 3) for those gas pipelines to Europe to be re-opened. Ouch!"

The bottom line is that Putin is winning and will win "bigly" in the long term as his oil/gas empire continues to operate and even expand throughout parts of Europe, Eastern Europe, and even parts of Africa.

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