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SEERS2025: Did Bill Gates just announce the date of the next plandemic? (Predictions)

Remember "Event 201", a simulation event held by elites in Belgium just prior to the roll-out of Covid-19? They're at it again with the recent "Catastrophic Contagion" event hosted by the WHO (World Health Organization), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and John Hopkins University.

The simulation was called "SEERS 2025", and featured a dry run of yet another mysterious contagion that will spread like wildfire, leaving victims paralysed for life or brain dead, presumably forcing governments to "lock down" their people like prisoners to wait for the announcement that the "coast is clear!"

Given that I have warned of "bank seizures" in 2026 in a recent post, we have to ask ourselves, "Is this the catalyst that will bring about global collapse?" Will this new contagion be as harmful as they say? Will there be more lockdowns? More below...

Pictured below: Former FOX News (USA) anchor and his wife are now operating their own news channel covering topics the mainstream media won't dare touch, including the next "plandemic".

Before I get into it, I just want to urge everyone to take a good hard look at how they can protect their cash in 2026. Some experts are urging people to pay off all of their bills (if you have money set aside in an IRA or 401k consider using this to pay of your home, for example), invest in hard assets, stock up on goods that could become scarce, purchase some physical gold and silver, and so on. Good advice, I think.

* Please note that I pointed to the USA housing collapse in 2025 in a previous post. While many are claiming that it is underway, I believe the country will be the hardest hit in 2025, so if you can prepare now, you will find many bargains! However, a housing collapse will be a harbinger of total economic collapse throughout the rest of the world.

Now, with regards to the 2025 plandemic. First, I do not see an actual real virus getting released into the population, but that's NOT for lack of trying! Honestly, Bill Gates does have at least one virus that could cause some real damage to the human body if it were to survive outside of the lab (that's a big IF), but there are some actual "white hats" who will protect people from him getting his filthy hands on it. (I literally see scientists conspiring to "hide" such a virus from these people, knowing full well that it could cause great harm. So, good for them!)

Plus, the majority of people around the world just aren't buying lockdowns. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me," as the old saying goes. Don't expect much compliance to such demands.

However, it is clear to see that the plan to roll out a CBDC, and the mad money grab on the part of politicians before the system collapses, along with a housing collapse in 2025, will be enough on its own to finally collapse the financial system in the USA. We can already see the European system imploding, and that part of the world is in for at least several more DECADES (if not a century or more) of struggles.

In particular, I would even expect to see the rise of the old Ottoman Empire sweeping over parts of Europe about 50 or more years out, extracting wealth throughout the various countries, with little or no pushback. Russia too, will have far more control over many parts of Europe over the next several decades (but honestly, Europe, and in particular Germany, have brought this upon themselves).

So, in the meantime, don't be fooled by fake social media claims that "we're all going to die!!!" from the next man-made virus. For the most part, there's not one flu-like virus that has any efficacy beyond just a few days outside of a lab. (Yes, this is true for SARS-COV2 or Covid-19 which infected a small, vulnerable percentage of the population, and then after that, the CDC has simply been substituting common flu data into the mix).

However, humanity is not safe from deadly viruses that could wipe out much of the human population here on earth. However, it will take up to 300 years for that to occur, so in the meantime...

Happy New Year!

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