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She caught me off guard! Liz Truss is the new PM of the UK, but will she last? (Predictions)

Let the games begin! Back on July 7th, I had predicted that in a Rishi Sunak/Ben Wallace race, Wallace was more likely to become the UK's new Prime Minister. While Sunak did not win, neither did Wallace! Insstead, it was Liz Truss, the current foreign secretary, who will soon take on the role of Prime Minister. How long will she last? (More below)...

Below right: Liz Truss has won her party's votes making her the U.K.'s Prime Minister. But, be warned, her reign could last just a few weeks to months as the country continues to slide into recession.

Back on July 7th, I predicted:

"Rishi Sunak and Ben Wallace are Neil's top picks for Johnson's replacement, and I do agree with Neil that Wallace is the most likely to take on the position. However, he will not be official for at least another 7-8 months! In the months leading up to his taking on his new duties, there will be much jockeying for position with competitors like Sunak and others. Even after the transition, I can see that the new PM will have his hands full with political infighting and attempts to have him removed, too."

Yes, on the one hand I was wrong about Ben Wallace beating Rishi Sunak to take on the PM position right away, but I really don't have high hopes for Liz Truss to last longer than a few weeks to months in her new role! You'll note that I believed that the next PM would not assume the position "for at least another 7-8 months", which puts us out January or February 2023. This is just about the time that I see Truss outsted from the role, or at least so mired in efforts to oust her that she will quickly become a "lame duck".

This could indicate that Truss will be wildly ineffective at keeping her promises to cap heating and energy costs, but honestly, I don't think she'll be that incompetent! Yes, costs will increase, but the country will be able to maintain a "liveable" level of energy and heating. Instead, we could see the "second coming" of Boris Johnson causing many problems within the ruling party, which could spur more infighting...fighting that Truss may not be well-backed to win.

The bottom line is that I definitely "see" one (or more) male figure as the British P.M. in 2023, and much more infighting which indicates that the ruling party could be on its last legs! (I believe the next general election there is early 2025?)

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