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Should you buy gold? How about silver? Do you still have time? (Psychic Predictions)

Over the years, my clients have asked whether gold would be a good short-term investment, and I always answered, "No, at least not right now." Silver was the better choice, and so it was.

But, times have changed and gold investors are close to earning some big gains on their physical gold holdings. Now, I'm very keen on gold, and I can also see some periods of sharp gains in the silver market on the horizon, but there's still time to buy and accumulate your physical holdings (at least if you're an American). More below...

Pictured below: Throughough history, gold has been the "reserve" of choice by currencies who "peg" their values to it. Gold has value, is difficult to mine, and is in limited supply, making it difficult for governments to print currency into oblivion, thereby destroying their economies.

No worries if you currently don't hold gold! Its value will not shoot up in price for another 2-3 years, and that's not before we experience more major price suppression through the beginning of 2025. Beginning in late 2025, we should see gold surge in price, and from there, it will climb steadily upwards for several years.

Silver's price, on the other hand, could see some modest growth in early 2023, and again around late summer of next year into early 2024. It should soften for several months after that, and then spike in early 2025, and hold strong (with some additional gains) through the very early part of 2026.

HOWEVER, be cautious about silver after early 2026. It's value could drop sharply and not recover as quickly as gold will (if at all).

And, there are a couple of reasons for this that I've "seen" before. The first is the creation of synthetic metals which is on the horizon and should really take hold in 2028 forward. The second is some sort of catastrophic event that will occur worldwide in 2028 that could crush ALL currencies and economies. I haven't looked at this in detail, but will certainly do so in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Until then, start accumulating gold and silver to preserve your wealth. But, before you buy a single ounce, pay off all those lines of credit, especially your mortgage! (A friend of mine was showing me a beautiful gold Cartier ring that she wanted to buy for $1,200. She just "had to have it!" I asked her if she had paid off her mortgage and she just gave me a blank look. Of course she hasn't! Why would she? I'll outline a few key reasons why she should as fast as she can in a future post!)

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