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Stack gold. Avoid JEPI (JP Morgan Chase). (Predictions)

One of the techniques that I use when making long-range forecasts, is to start with news reports or what OTHER people are predicting for the future. One of the financial analysts that I've watched for years is Gregory Mannarino, and this morning, I listened to his vlog and double-checked his recommendations against those provided by the Akashic Records.

In the report, below, Mannarino recommends buying shares of JEPI (JP Morgan Chase) which pays monthly dividends. HOWEVER, this Wall Street staple, like many others, face a bleak future as the whole system comes crumbling down! (More below...)

In previous posts, I've talked about the future of gold, and in particular, physical gold. Now's a good time to start stacking, but expect a pullback in price approximately 2 years out. It will be followed by big gains! (Read more here...)

Meanwhile, I have warned that the WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM will collapse by 2028/2029, with the process beginning much early as two years out. I can "see" this happening with JEPI, which will drop dramatically in price in 2024, and will continue a downward trend all the way to the end in 2028!

The demise of these types of Wall Street investment staples does not bode well for those who are expecting to reap the long-term benefits of hefty pensions...especially federal government pensions! (However, I am NOT saying that the USA will be no longer after this happens...just that there could be a period of real pain and panic as the whole system crumbles and has to be rebuilt again).

So be prepared for very dramatic times ahead! Make sure that you have a plan for self-sufficiency if you're planning on staying in the USA. You may even consider moving to a foreign country (temporarily or permanently) outside of the USD/EURO realm...countries with their own currency, infrastructure, food security, the ability to own property, and start a business.

I personally have both plans in place. In the USA, I own a house with my own water well, solar power (no connection to the power grid, so no worries). Although I also own foreign property, it is in Western Europe, and I don't see it as a viable retirement option anymore. Instead, I'm investigating options further East, in areas that have good relations with both Russia and Europe, and a Christian culture.

Finally, I would like to say that the US and European systems will re-organize, beginning approximately 10 or more years out, and I would expect the Americans to fully separate from their European overlords at that time. Honestly, I do not like what I see happening in Europe after 2029, but I'm encouraged by the US, especially if the States continue to exert control over their own destinies and stand by the Constitution. (More on that later).

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