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Strokes in Young Women on the Rise: Could this be related to anything in particular? Hmmmm....

I am so disgusted with the American "healthcare" system. It's a system gone amuck, and I fear that it is beyond salvation. Will the truth about the source of these strange illnesses (strokes, heart attacks, cancers, SADS, etc.) ever be revealed? Can we fix this? (More below...)

Below: The latest victim of a healthcare system in crisis, or just a sheer coincidence? This relatively young woman has a stroke on air. According to this report, strokes are on the rise in America among young women, especially over the last YEAR! (Sarcasm alert) I wonder what that's from? (Of course we all know the answer to this!)

I remember when my grandfather had his first stroke. He was driving his very well-kept Mercedes down to Florida for the Winter. He was 82 years old.

He was rushed back to Michigan where he languished for about 3 weeks in a care facility until he died shortly thereafter. There was no way that he was going to live another day in a diminished capacity, let alone in a nursing home!

From what I recall, people simply did not have strokes until they were older...70, 80, or even 90. That has all changed. Over the last year, we are hearing more and more cavalier comments from doctors and hospitals that it is "NOT UNCOMMON" for young people to have a stroke, or even die suddenly in their sleep.


OK, so first, let me just say that there is no doubt in my mind that the woman featured in the video above, was "all in" on the Covid19 vaccines. After all, the news networks were among the loudest advocates of the drugs (ad revenues). And, many were simply forced to take the jab, or lose their jobs.

I hate to say it, but it appears to me that this woman will never get back to full capacity. She, like others, will suffer from chronic fatigue, foginess, migranes and other symptoms that will plague her for another three years, at least. It is possible that she could die sooner than she should.

As you may have noticed in the piece above, there is a clear reluctance to acknowledge that experimental mRNA jabs could be causing this surge in early strokes. The cover-ups will continue, even as death rates spike out of control over the next three years. There will be no real and meaningful public studies. No public discussion. The deaths will be reported, but never linked to their true cause.

With all this in mind, like many of you, I have been considering where I should retire to get the best possible healthcare with the least possible sacrifice. And, what I mean by sacrifice is being forced to take an experimental jab against my will in order to be treated for something else. I want the ability to choose treatments that I believe are right for me, and that are priced right, too.

So, that means finding affordable services, and perhaps private insurance instead of government run Medicare. Interestingly enough, international healthcare plans that provide coverage in foreign countries can be even less expensive than USA public plan premiums and deductibles, so keep this in mind when considering retiring abroad. Plus, out-of-pocket expenses for drugs and walk-in care in many countries is extremely affordable in many countries around the world. So, there are plenty of options.

The bottom line is, I'm worried about another, more deadly virus that our own governments will use against us in the future. It should be obvious that the Covid thing was just a trial run...an experiment to see how little effort it takes for maximum pain and gain. Every day, I'm researching places where I'm not surrounded by too many people, and I have control over my food, and my health...and where I won't be forced to take an experimental drug against my will. I want to have quality of life...along with the ability to lock myself inside a safe haven, away from the crazies if all hell were to break loose.

I'm serious.

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