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Testing Kits 'Made in China'. And, they're poisonous!

"But of course!" should be the average response to this report by the Epoch Times. But why isn't anyone asking the key question, "Do they actually identify Covid19, or do they simply test for viral load from the common cold and flu?"

If you were paying close attention during the beginning of the "pandemic" hysteria, you would have noticed Hillary Clinton yelling and screaming for 'testing' to be rolled out across America. "Where are the tests!" she hollered, but why? As it turns out, these tests, produced in China and oftentimes labeled to appear as an American brand, only measure viral load for the common cold and flu. This would account for the odd disparities in test results for patients showing up to the hospital for a broken arm, but otherwise healthy, then being labeled as a "Covid positive case", sending stats, hysteria, and Big Pharma profits skyrocketing.

And now, we know that these 'Made in China' tests are...poisonous! But of course! The Chinese have a long history of lacing products sold to Americans with all kinds of nasty chemicals as a means to "short cut" profits. For example, garlic grown and processed in China is bleached and grown in unprocessed human waste. Yummy!

So, next time you contract the common cold or flu (yes, it's inevitable), think twice before putting a swab up your nose if that swab was made in China.

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