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TEXIFORNIA Rising! Where you should live now.

Way back on February 1, 2016, I predicted the break-up of the United States into various "nation states" led by the new "Texifornia" alliance between disenfranchised Californians and the Great State of Texas! Now, with new threats on the part of Texas to leave the union, and the masses of people fleeing areas run by corrupt Marxists Governors and their Chinese overlords, it appears as if my prediction may be one step closer to realization.

Waaay back in time, even prior to my posting the above prediction about the dissolution of the United States into a collection of "nation states" beginning in 2020 (yes, this year), I warned readers and my personal clients in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest, that the United States was about to change...dramatically! At the time, it seemed far-fetched, but in light of this year's absolute lawlessness by radical left-led states during the election, we can now see this process clearly underway.

In a public statement released to the public on December 11th (yesterday), Texas GOP Chairman Allen West announced his state's intention to form a coalition of states interested in actually following the U.S. Constitution! Here's what he said:

Considering all the changes that are happening across the United States, with some states locking small businesses down, and others remaining open during the WuHuFlu hysteria, we can easily see some of the areas to flee, and they include: Washington State, Oregon, California coastal areas, Massachusetts, New York and of course Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.

The good news is, there is a place where you can flee tyranny. I expect that at least 14 of the 18 states that supported the Texas-led SCOTUS election case will follow Texas' lead to distance itself from the Federal government, thereby preserving their own sovereignty and salvaging their economies.

Here is a list of states that will become much more desirable over time as they progressively reclaim their Constitutional powers, and separate themselves (in varying degrees) from the U.S. Federal government over the next 7-10 matter who's in charge beginning January 2021:


South Carolina



West Virginia



North & South Dakota


New Mexico (although not formally involved in SCOTUS case)

Parts of Arizona


Indiana will have a hard time joining in such a coalition thanks to pressure from surrounding states, but I do see a strong potential for them to make a break, too. As much as I hate to say it, North Carolina (my state, for now...) will have a hard time separating itself from its Yankee connections, too, so it is likely that I will move to Tennessee, South Carolina, or Florida within the next 2-3 years.

Lately, I have been enamored with Florida. Yes, it's hot, but it will be a hot bed of economic activity in the future. Ultimately, in addition to being a safe and lawful place to live, the state of Florida may even have their own form or digital currency! But, more on that in another post, so stay tuned.

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