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That KISS! WTH? What was the real meaning behind Jill Biden's public kiss with VP's hubby?

For those of you reading this psychic insight from a country other than the United States, understand that we're not ones to kiss people outside of our own family on the lips. So, when Jill Biden, the wife of our President, walked straight up to Vice President Kamala Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, and publicly planted a kiss on his lips, we couldn't help but groan a collective "EWWW!"

But, what was the real reason behind this odd kiss? Was it sexual, or was there something else going on? Scroll down below for my take>>

Below: Yet another clown act on the floor of the political circus known as the "State of the Union Address."

I am often asked the question, "What was s/he thinking?" and while I'm not primarily a "mind reader" I can access emotions or thoughts to a certain degree, especially through (automatic) writing. So, as many speculated about the motivation behind this odd kiss accompanied by that rock-hard grip between these two spouses of the President and Vice President, I HAD to take a "look"!

Was the kiss sexual in nature? No! From Jill's perspective this was her own "power play" gesture, kind of a Godfather/mafia type thing. (Joe Biden does the same thing). She was simply sending a message to VP Harris via her husband that, "We (the Bidens') are in charge, not you!"

So, this to me suggests that Harris is most likely participating in the Democratic Party's alleged moves to get Biden out of the White House to make room for her own ascention to the office, and Jill is keenly aware of it. The kiss was simply a warning shot. Yikes!

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