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The 'canary in the coal mine'? Childhood hepatitis surges. Experts fear it's related to lockdowns.

For two years (and more in some areas like California, New York, and parts of Australia, among others), children have borne the brunt of our adult foolishness, which included unecessary mass lockdowns, forced mask wearing, and of course, experimental jabs. Meanwhile, medical experts who yelled and screamed to stop the craziness for fear of the 'unknown consequences' were banned from public speech, or worse, fired from their jobs!

Now, we start to see what can happen to kids when for two critical years of their lives they're hidden away from the germs and viruses of everyday life that serve to strengthen the immune system. The germs (viruses, bacteria) that was once commonplace in kids, causing nothing more than a snotty little nose, are now killing their kidneys.

Shame on us all!

Listen to this expert talk about the rare cases of childhood hepatitis (a disease that normally occurs in adults, and is extremely rare in young kids) that are springing up in countries with the strictest lockdown policies. Watch>>

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