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The 'death' of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the rise of the Metaverse? Predictions...

In December of 2015, I posted a simple "slide show" video on Youtube (view it again below), documenting my prediction about how the European elite are colluding to end humanity in just "300 short years." Now, with the WEF taking center stage, their obvious use of propaganda, influence peddling at the highest levels of world governments, and their publicly admitted backing of the C19 lockdowns and fear mongering, we can see this prophecy is unfolding NOW. It's all happening fast.

However, there are many heros, or "white hats" like mRNA inventor, Robert Malone, working in the wings to out these villains. At the same time, we see the rise of a much bigger threat, the 'Metaverse', which leads me to the question, "Do I still stick by my original prediction, or is there hope for humanity?" More below...

Below: I'm not a fan of Bitboy Crypto and his 'pump and dump' crypto channel on Youtube, but he recently released a decent overview of the World Economic Forum, and its dubious leader, Klaus Schwab. Check it out>>>

Here is my original Youtube video outlining my prophecy. Yes, it was simplistic in its design, ( my new videos, coming soon will be better, I promise), but I wanted to document this important prophecy! (Dec. 22, 2015):

I don't know what it is about the European war-mongering, imperialistic, socialistic-loving mindset, but boy do these people love CONTROL! And, the American elite royal 'wannabees', most famously the Roosevelts who produced two U.S. Presidents who presided over the birth of the fiat dollar, at least one World War, and a Great Depression, aren't much better. Together, they keep creating these Nazi-like organizations hell-bent on raking as much profit out of 'the system' for themselves, while subjugating the rest of the world.

In close coordination with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) who has been sucking wealth out of the U.S. and transferring it throughout the world into the pockets of the most corrupt oligarchs imaginable, the WEF promises to push the world into a centrally controlled dystopia, where all commerce and freedom will be pulled under their own umbrella, much in the same way that the Nazis took over Germany, and then much of Europe during WW2.

Now, the good news is that I see that the WEF's power as it is, will dwindle significantly over the next several years. This, thanks to many "white hats" like Robert Malone who is championing an effort to dox its members and minions.

We Need to Out These People… They’re EVERYWHERE”: Dr. Malone Says its Time to Start “Doxing” The World Economic Forum’s Globalist Cabal – “Let’s Go Get Them” – (Video)

The bad news is, the WEF has competition. Meta (formerly Facebook) is attempting extend its reach by partnering with mainstream media (Watch: Russel Brand, "They're coming for us!" for more details). However, you may have read my prediction about the future of FB/Meta in a previous post, and if you did, you'll know that I predict that this company will fizzle out over time. However, the dangers of their 'metaverse' are real, and there are many investors behind companies in the crypto space that will drive this initiative forward, normalizing it, and ultimately trapping humanity in its clutches! But, that could take anywhere from 40-50 years for it to really take hold on humanity.

Still, the lure of a virtual reality world will be nearly overwhelming for many, and once they step inside, they'll never get out! I can assure you, these centrally-controlled virtual worlds will become ugly, and beyond horrible, so it is important that you talk to your children NOW about avoiding these traps, so that they in turn can pass the lesson down to their children and grandchildren.

Now, one final bit of good news. Despite my dire predictions for the whole of humanity, as I move forward several centuries, I do see some humans evolving outside of the metaverse, and even thriving in a world which will ultimately be covered in snow and ice. We survive by living in giant "geodome" like cities! Very interesting times to come, indeed.

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