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The gap between the rich and poor will widen, but what happens next? (Predictions)

In previous posts, I talked about how I planned to be completely out of the crypto market by 2026. To be more specific, this dyanamic market could evaporate completely by 2028, in my estimation. What I'm 'seeing' is the rise of a pervasive, global currency...the One World Order, or so to speak. Anyone holding crypto by 2028 will be wiped out. So, what happens to the rich, and the rest of us? Here's my surprising take on it all...

Below: Frustrated citizens of Sri Lanka storm the presidential palace, but "the little guys" like us, seem to be fighting in vain. Will this change?

Sri Lanka has been an official guinea pig of the global elites' "Green Agenda" (or, the "New Green Deal" as it's called in the United States). As such, the politicians went all in on the idea that traditional fertilizers needed to be scrapped in favor of "organic" alternatives. The net result is, farm yields plunged, food supply shriveled and the country defaulted on loans. Meanwhile, the country's corrupt government officials drove the country directly to its destruction by funneling the peoples' money into their own pockets.

Here we see a prime example of how the World Economic Forum's "Agenda 2030" is being accelerated. The wealth of citizens around the world is evaporating. Yet, the rich, are getting even richer, but surprise, surprise... Even the rich will be decimated by these policies, and we'll start to see it unfold in as soon as 3 years, culimating in 2028!

OK, so let's start with Bill Gates, who's the "poster boy" for the World Economic Forum (WEF), and their diabolical Agenda 2030. We already know that he and his company have meddled with farming in the Netherlands, setting off big protest that led to the burning of one of his warehouses.

People will soon have enough of Gates' shenanigans! Like the higher-ups in Sri Lanka, he should lower his profile within the next 3 years, fearing for his life. And, what's more, his wealth will be under threat, ultimately leaving him just as destitute as the rest of us as the markets crash and his wealth is "redestributed"!

In general, despite the escalating gap between the rich and poor over the next few years, I'm surprised to see that this Agenda 2030 will ultimately destroy the upper classes, as well. Their extreme wealth just evaporates!

Can you imagine the hubris of those who think that they can manipulate the economies of the entire world and suffer no consequences? Yes, they can shut down farming, energy production, and even lock us into our homes, but ultimately, they'll destroy themselves in the process, and the creative masses will re-organize and ultimately thrive.

So, in a nutshell, the growing gap between rich and poor will ultimately be erased as everyone becomes "poor". The upper class (or 1% as they're referred to in the USA) will dissolve as the stock market crashes (not for another 4 years or so), and lack of energy production affects and poor.

In 20 years from now, I can see healthy, happy families, and the birth of many children. The environment is clean, and there is plenty to eat and share. However, there will be many people who choose to remain mired in poverty, especially in Europe, and some parts of the United States.

I'm personally considering relocating to Eastern Europe from the United States, and I see that the Akashic Records rates these areas a "10" on a 1-10 scale (with 10 being the highest quality of life). Some parts of the USA will also rate high in terms of living standards, too. Surprisingly, Central America and parts of Mexico rate well, too, but most of South America tends to rate lower during the next two decades.

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