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The Murdaugh Murders: It's NOT Over! (Psychic Update)

If you've read my last couple of posts on the Alex Murdaugh murder trial, which ended in the conviction of Murdaugh for the murder of his wife and son, Paul, you know that I predicted that he would NOT spend life in jail, but rather, just a short sentence.

Now that Murdaugh is staring down the two life sentences, should I recant my prediction? HECK NO! There's some interesting twists in all of this, and if I'm right, he'll be out of jail in just 3-5 years. But, wait! There's more!

Check out my latest Youtube/Podcast for more juicy details and predictions. Also, scroll down below for some additional commentary that I left out of this episode (for time, etc.)

OK, so if you've listened to my voiceover, you may have noticed some "jump cuts" at the section where I give my (albeit brief) analysis of what Maggie Murdaugh saw right before she was murdered. So, let me fill you in...

First, I found it interesting that the prominent shooter was this tall, white, VERY SLIM man that jumped out of the passenger seat with a shotgun! That's not Anthony Cook's description at all (Cook is more of a stocky figure...dark coloring). And, although I do not make it crystal clear in the video, I think Cook did NOT do the shootings, but rather, SLIM was far more aggressive this way, and, without hesitancy, killed both victims. PLUS, there seems to be another figure crouching in the back seat of the car while all of this took place!

I've really wracked my brain on this to make sure that SLIM wasn't just another hired hitman for Murdaugh. (No.) Were these men coming to shoot Alex (Pappa, as I call him) Murdaugh and Paul and Maggie simply got in the way? NO! Actually, when I look at EXACTLY WHO these men were there to kill, my mind goes right to PAUL! Maggie just got in the way.

Now, as you can hear if you listen to my analysis to the end, Pappa Murdaugh will get out of prison fairly quickly, but fall right into the hands of men who will kidnap, torture and kill him! This indicates that there's a bigger story going on here, perhaps money-laundering scheme ala "Ozark"? Hmmmm...this leads my mind to wander to AT LEAST TWO other people at Murdaugh's law firm who might be involved.

More on that to come!

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