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The Prophecy is Unfolding! China's Leader for Life Xi Xinping will soon be gone! What's next?

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

As far back as 2018, I predicted that (I'm paraphrasing) "beginning in 2022-2023, the ouster of Xi Xinping will begin!" (Click right here for my April 2022 update, and the original Youtube video all in one place!) Now we're watching it all unfold with the massive, country-wide protests of the fed up Chinese people. Hurray! (More below...)

Below: Watch>> I've followed this young many for many years. He lived in China for several years, and I believe he is now back in the States, but he definitely has the "inside track" as to how the Chinese think and what is likely to unfold.

I have been following the pending unseating of Xi XinPing via the Akashic Records (download a FREE copy of how you too can use the Records to make your own predictions here>>) for many years now, which began with my 2018 Youtube post that you can still view here.,so I'm not surprised that the fed up Chinese people are finally standing up for themselves! Their protests should lead to more violence, but ultimately will result in the demise of President for Life Xi, and will usher in a far more democratic society.

In my most recent post on April 13th of this year, I posted an update, which ran along the same lines as the prediction above:

"Yes, I can still 'see' Xi Jinping pushed out of his leadership position in relatively short order (2023, if not sooner). There is already much infighting within the CCP, but there is one young leader ready to step up, and take over, when the time is right (2024 is what I estimate)."

In the above post, I also gave a timeline, which will lead to some dramatic changes in the Chinese culture, economy and politics, so check it out>>

Now, as we near 2023, I am going to be watching the Chinese closely as Xi's powers are slowly stripped away, and then BOOM, in will come the big-gun opposition and it'll be fast, furious, and violent! It's only months away...and in particular, I would say that in just 3-5 months (it may all culminate in 5 months, but should begin sooner), Xi should be forced out, perhaps even arrested, tortured, and killed.

I can see the surprise on his face approximately three (3) months from now when he realizes that an opposing party coalition has united against him, and they'll be swift in their actions to remove him from office.

Oh man! This is not pretty what they'll eventually do to him! I hesitate to even describe what I am seeing, but suffice it to say, imagine all the pain and suffering of the children, elderly, and sweet pets who have been destroyed under his reign all bundled up into pain, isolation, and a lonely, shame-filled death. It's karma, baby, and it's been a long time coming!

I still stand by my prediction that Xi will be completely "erased" by 2027 (although, I have to add, the Chinese may "claim" his passing in 2025!)

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Thanks for following along! These are exciting, albeit dangerous times for all of us.

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