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Trump mugshot: What's next?

"They won't stop until he's hanged" is what I wrote about the Dems legal campaign against President Trump which began back in March of this year with the "hush money" case in NYC. Here we are five months later, and Trump has been booked in Georgia for multiple "conspiracy" crimes new to the state's books, compliments of the Dems.

Now, the great news is that Trump has not been assassinated as I feared he would be (around July is the month I thought held the greatest danger for him), but as you heard in his interview with Tucker Carlson, such fears are top of mind for anyone who sees where this all could lead!

Below: President Trump's mugshot.

So, what's next? The Dems will keep the legal pressure on President Trump as long as they need to, but efforts to rob him of his wealth will intensify around March of 2024. His popularity will soar even higher around April of next year. Meanwhile, Trump's group of powerful supporters will grow, providing much needed protection against these insane radicals for this vulnerable man.

Nonetheless, If I look at the number of Trump supporters at a Republican National Convention (RNC), I just don't see it next year, which really has me worried for Trump, and this nation as a whole. (Will there even be a RNC?!) However, I do see the Obamas absolutely delighted at being back in the spotlight around June of next year, and Trump is nowhere to be seen.

There is much that has me downright confounded about the 2024 election cycle. Trump "disappears" somehow just as the Obamas step back into the spotlight around June (we could even hear a Michelle Obama announcement sooner...around April...but things don't really pick up steam until June). There is absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever for the RNC. Likewise, there is much confusion over having a DNC, too. Strange!

With this being said, I have always been amazed at how President Trump can come out on top. He's a fighter, and he's willing to sacrifice his own life for the future of this country.

God is on his side. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

Still, I have my doubts about the future of this country as a whole. People like the Obama/Biden regime just don't come into power unless there's an underlying desire for them in the hearts and minds of (some) Americans. I mean, just look at all of the simpering millenials on Tik Tok complaining about how life is so terrible and they have no hope. They're weak minded, and weak-spirited to say the least. They've created this future for themselves by voting for a corrupt pedofile (yes, Biden molested his daughter), and by buying into the whole lockdown crap (what did they think was going to happen to our economy?!) and so they should live with their decisions.

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