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U.S.A. gas prices on the rise. What's next? Predictions.

While pumping gas this week, I had a chuckle when I noticed that someone had planted this little sticker on the pump, but we won't be laughing in a few months when the average gas price surpasses $5/gallon in some areas! (Even worse in liberal states like California!). More below...

For years, following the end of the Obama administration, where California experienced gas prices in the $6/gallon range, a gas station here in Winston Salem, North Carolina, forced out of business by Obama's bad economic policies, continued to display its prices: $3.89/gallon. And, for years, I've driven past this little time capsule, so I have that price point emblazened on my mind.

And, here we are, just pennies away from those record highs, but by all estimations, we will most likely surge past them any day or week now. Way to go, Joe!

So, what should we expect this year, and next?

Of course, states like California, with their high tax rates and a liberal mindset will far exceed the per gallon prices I'm about to set forth (they could see in excess of $8/gallon!), but for the rest of us, I would predict that we'll see $5/gallon prices as soon as this August or September in many areas.

Here in North Carolina, we're experiencing a steady crawl up to the $4/gal range, but over the summer, as is typical, those prices will shoot over $4 in a shockingly rapid manner! If you're in a more conservative state that doesn't believe in taxing the daylights out of its population, you might be lucky enough to see a freeze in prices around $4.75-$4.85 by late summer. Other states could reach the $5 mark.

Of course, I do worry that politicians will take advantage of these "new normal" high prices, and continue to put the squeeze on the American public over the next several years. Ouch!

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please consider how you might adjust your lifestyle now to avoid being hit hard with these inflated prices, which are certain to inflate the price of just about everything else in this country, including food and medicines.

What a nightmare, but these is what we get when foreigners meddle in our elections...everything goes haywire. (I can assure you that the German public NEVER voted in Adolf Hitler...those elections were rigged by outsiders, too, and look at what happened.)

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