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WARNING: Empty food shelves on their way to the USA! (My 2023 Psychic Predictions Begin...)

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a burning image of an event to come, like the diesel shortages that I warned readers about in a recent post. While alternative news outlets were yelling and screaming about the imminent diesel shortage ("Ten days from now! Blah, blah, blah!"), I said "Wrong!" We've got another 4 months or so before it really kicks in.

This morning, I woke up with another warning that I simply wanted to push aside, but I can't! The clock is ticking, the Akashic Records is warning me...and all of us... so prepare now. (Scroll down for more...)

Pictured, below: During the Covid locksdowns, empty shelves like these appeared in food-rich Italy, and around the world. Now, there's a danger that we could be seeing the same thing, if not worse, right here in the USA. Will gas prices follow?

Hey guys, I really don't want to panic everyone, because (ahem) there is always a chance that I'm wrong about this (occasionally I'm wrong, I have to admit, but not often), but "it's better to be safe than sorry," as they say! But, I have to say it: I can 'see' clear images of of empty shelves by April, and perhaps even dwindling inventory before then.

It's not like there's not plenty of food in the USA. We're a huge producer, and actual shortages have never been an issue for us, at least in recent years. But, the diesel and gas shortages are about to get really real, skyrocketing prices for both of these very essential items pretty much everywhere in the USA.

For example, here in North Carolina, our current price per gallon ranges between $3.16 to $3.30. However, I can see prices beginning to really push upwards as we move towards March and April, and I'm bracing for $5/gallon, at least! I hate to make a prediction as to where the prices will land, because as we know, from state to state, prices could range from $5 to $12 or even more!

OMG! I hate to say this, but I can actually see (at least) my local grocery store here in my local North Carolina town having to close and lock it's doors, at least temporarily.

And, I know what everyone is going to ask, "When will things get back to normal?"

Maybe...September???? But, even then, we're facing increased prices from this year's escalated fertilizer costs, which should really impact the market in the Fall. However, think about it...what's going to happen with next year's planting season? Will it even happen?

Now, the good news is that as quickly as gas prices escalate in the Spring, they seem to bottom out pretty quickly after that, and I expect that this would have to do with demand dropping through the floor. However, around September or October of 2023, they pump back up!

Later this week, I'll be posting more on a new Member's section of the "Buy Me a Coffee" platform that I just launched (thank you to my early supporters!), including how I visualized this (just in case you've taken advantage of my FREE Accessing the Akashic Records publication, and want to follow along with me). If you've subscribed to my new newsletter (below), you'll automatically get a notification when this will be available.

In the meantime, I urge everyone to take an inventory of what they have in their pantries NOW, and stock up. THIS INCLUDES THE ALL-CRITICAL PET FOOD. I personally am going to be actively looking for sales and coupons on canned goods, dried fruits and veggies, baking staples, etc. I've gotten very serious about expanding my garden beds for Spring and they're already prepped. Instead of buying the smaller bags of dog and cat food, I'm going to get the biggest ones I can, and set one aside in sealed containers each time.

And hey, if I'm wrong (I hope I am!), we all would have gone through a very important exercise that preppers have been encouraging us to do for years now, because we are at war with the technocrats, the banks, and the world's royalty and elite, and they won't stop until the whole system collapses (and, it will). Stay tuned for more!

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