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WARNING! USA diesel shortage: You've got FOUR (Yes, 4...not 1) MONTHS to prepare. (Predictions)

The other morning, I woke up with a clear thought in my head: The diesel shortage isn't as imminent as reports claim. Instead, we've been given a total of four (4) months to prepare for tightening shortages, increased gas prices, and soaring food prices. That puts us right into the middle of Winter! (More below...)

Watch>> Mark Moss explains how the Biden Adminstration has (intentionally?) blocked the production of mission-critical diesel in the USA. Do they want American "deplorables" to suffer? Um, yeah.

Hey, all you "useless eaters" (King Charles' and Friends' words, not mine), living in your little "baskets of deplorables" (Hillary Clinton), you'd better pay attention to these early warnings that diesel production is about to tighten dramatically! However, unlike the many voices screaming we're just days or even a handful of weeks away, I think we've got up to four (4) months to prepare for a dire situation wherein food, energy, and other key commodities won't be reaching the grocery stores, and even if they do, they'll be crazy expensive!

In the video above, Mark Moss explains why this is all occuring. However, I must add that the Saudis are so happy to block future shipments of diesel to the USA! And, while they continue building their magnificent, futuristic underground cities on good old oil revenues from China, and India, they'll simply ignore threats from the USA which are sure to follow. The resource-rich America be left with our thumbs up our butts, living in the decaying 1950's "cities of the future", wondering how anyone in their right minds could vote for a fool like Biden...or worse yet...another Obama!

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