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WARNING! Why you should NEVER work with Angels, Spirit Guides, "The Law of Attraction", Voodoo.

Years ago, while appearing on a USA cable network show featuring several psychics, I encountered a woman who claimed to be channeling "angels". She even had a stage name along the lines of "White Spirit", or something like that (not the actual name). When I first saw her in the lobby before heading out to the location for the day's filming, I stopped dead in my tracks and gasped! She was surrounded by the strangest looking creatures that I had ever seen including one entity covered with spikes...kind of like a lizard of sorts. These weren't angels by any stretch of the imagination. They were...demonic!

What ensued was an utter nightmare for me. I experienced what I can only describe as some sort of attempted "possession", and spiritual bullying that I did not know even existed. It scared the crap out of me then, and has affected me for many years. I was left to wonder whether this person, who had actively solicited these entities into her life and used them for her own personal gain at the expense of others, would ever be punished.

And, so she has! While I was getting my oil changed just a few days ago, I had a thought that I should check out her website, and so I did. I had to dig a little, but I was astounded by what I read: HER DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT!

She was in her early 50's, perfectly healthy, had not been vaxed, and yet she suddenly died in her sleep in mid-December. Her cause of death is still unknown. (More below)...

Pictured below: Disney has "normalized" evil entities in the form of children's toys, much in the same way that Doreen Virture, and the (downright evil) "Law of Attraction" duo, Jerry and Esther Hicks, have normalized angels and demonic rituals into seemingly fun and friendly ways to control your future. Avoid both at all costs!

You'd think that I would be jumping from joy over her apparent "payback" for contracting with these entities, but I'm saddened, especially by the state of existence that she is now locked into.

She is not "flying around with the angels", nor is she being tormented in some sort of grisly hellscape. She's just waiting. Waiting for the light. Waiting for angels. Waiting to be transported to the heavenly realm. Waiting for anything or anyone to come help her out of what is otherwise a dark void with no means of escape. Imagine existing like this for an eternity! (Please note that I am getting a warning that no one should attempt to reach into this void to attempt to guide her out...too dangerous!)

I would also add that since this experience, I've seen people who've shelled out hard earned money for Doreen Virtue seminars and materials, as well as those bogus "Law of Attraction" (there IS NO SUCH THING, I promise you!) seminars, really struggle to stay on their true life's path. Toss that stuff out, or better yet, burn it all.

If you have contracted with an "angel" or any entity (Spirit Guide, etc.), you've got to find a way out of it. I personally don't assist in these matters because I'm no expert (nor do I want to be), but you can start by contacting a good priest who specializes in exorcism.

Be oh-so-careful when it comes to using any kind of entity to foresee the future. You don't need to! You have been given the natural ability to predict outcomes and avoid danger through your own intuition, and you can certainly co-create a future with love and creativity...both of which could be considered a direct connection with matter what your religion!

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