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Was FTX a "Deep State" entity, designed to bring down crypto? Will SBF be jailed? (Predictions)

Yesterday, I posted a quick update on the FTX exchange debacle, but I was left scratching my head over its founder SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) and his girlfriend, who, as far as I can see, won't face jailtime, at least not for several years. Furthermore, as I noted in my last post, the US Federal authorities who are tasked with regulating such entities are dragging their feet (and, even laughing about this whole thing behind our backs!) to put forth any meaningful consumer/investor protections.

Why? Is it possible that FTX was what we call a "Deep State" plant, designed to weaken, if not destroy, the crypto markets? (More below...)

Below: Mark Moss outlines his theory that FTX and SBF are part of a secret plan to capture crypto, just in time for the Federal Reserve to roll out its own beta test of a wCBDC (central bank digital currency in the FOREX market).

FTX, one of crypto's biggest exchanges has declared bankruptcy. And, what's worse, hackers managed to steal over a half of billion dollars worth of assets! FTX's founder, SBF, has disappeared, and is cleverly deleting tweets on Twitter in an apparent effort to destroy evidence of any wrongdoing on his part. Many suspect that he was also behind the hack, and has gone into hiding a very wealthy man!

Despite all of this, what really surprises me most is that SBF isn't likely to face much (if any) jail time, and there appears to be no meaningful response to the mysterious disappearance of $600 million worth of crypto.

Now, the good news is that I don't see those assets in the hands of SBF. As far as I can see, those digital assets sit on a server in the USA, but will soon be divided amongst several entities in the USA, Mexico/Central America, and even China which is where I see the most "control"!

I honestly don't see a direct connection between SBF and these "hackers". While there might be some overlap between investors and hackers, they seem to be, for the most part, separate entities too.

With regards to any Deep State ties, while it is clear that SBF and his girlfriend have ties to key players in the government through family connections, and also to MIT which is where the new US CBDC has been formulated, they themselves appear to be well-meaning, yet highly incompetent stooges. The problems the company experienced appear to extend from a bigger group of investors who simply mis-managed the whole thing once they got their feet in the door..."Too many cooks in the kitchen", as they say.

The bottom line is that SBF's escape from justice seems to be more of a result of the USA's incompetence than any kind of meaningful Deep State ties. And, as I noted in my previous post, I believe that the proper regulation that the crypto market needs will have to come from an internal (crypto) body, and is not likely to come from the US government. I don't see a central plan here...just loads of incompetence and dangerous arrogance all the way around!

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