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Will the trumpet-playing Brunson Brothers, change the 2020 election outcome? Shocking!

You've probably never heard of the Brunson Brothers trumpet quartet, and you've most certainly never heard that two of the brothers, without attorney representation, each filed a civil lawsuit in Utah, one of which WILL be heard by the US Supreme court (SCOTUS case #22-380).

Their simple, logical and Constitutionally-based filing argues that members of Congress, along with defendants VP Mike Pence, President Biden, and VP Harris (among many, many others), broke their oath of office by voting against a 10-day period to investigate claims of potential fraud. The remedy, by law, is to remove these individuals from office and bar them from ever seeking any kind of elected office again!

This is NOT a case to overturn the 2020 election. It IS a true David and Goliath battle. But, when does "David" actually win in the United States, against all-powerful and corrupt Goliath politicians hell-bent on ignoring U.S. law?

You'll be surprised by this one! (More below)>>

Pictured below: Yes, this is the REAL Brunson brothers whose case is now on the U.S. Supreme Court docket!

SCOTUS case #22-380 (Summary here)>>.

There's so much great information out there surrounding this case. The link above is one of the best I've found that summarizes the case, so check it out.

OK, so let me cut to the chase, and that is, YES, I believe that the Brunson case WILL BE decided in favor of the Brunsons (and, the people of the USA). However, it will take several years for it to be heard and decided. I would push it out to 2032 for a solid win...and then another five years) 2037 to ENFORCE!

That's right, over the next several YEARS, the justices will toss the case among themselves like a hot potato, which should allow for sitting President Biden and key politicians to pack their bags and get the hell out of Washington in advance of any kind of public trials! However, even when the ruling comes in, expect to see push-back from the politicians who'll be under legal pressure to go!

This clearly demonstrates that Supreme Court justices are absolutely "playing politics" but I would say that I do not see any kind of direct pay-offs to keep this case on the "down-low" for the next several years, delaying a decision.

And, it will be kept surprisingly quiet, especially in the media! Never has such and important case been so widely ignored by the mainstream, but that's okay. These things are not about publicity and public opinion. It's about the law.

So, these guys are kind of American super-heros...just everyday Americans who actually bothered to learn about the Constitution, and take advantage of the fact that it was constructed for you and me, and not for an elite class.

Finally, you might be wondering why in the world Donald Trump didn't figure something this simple out, and the answer is simple: BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO!

Honestly, he simply didn't want the fight, and this is something that I've seen in him from the beginning. When he was elected, he was surprised, and actually had some regret over running in the first place. However, he did step up to the job. As time went on he began to actually like the job, unlike his wife Melania who considered it a major step DOWN, and wants nothing to do with the whole thing.

If there's a lesson here (and, there's a BIG ONE), it's that we (the "citizens" or masses) all have the power to make change, and that our politicians are (mostly, but not all) a bunch of useless twats. The system needs to be downsized, if anything to protect against the imminent threat of technology, and the narcissistic urge to control others with it.

Read more here:

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