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Will Trump Run Again in 2024?

Back on January 15th of this year, I predicted that President Trump would, in essence, operate his own "shadow government." Later that month, Trump proved me right when he announced that he was setting up the "Office of the Former President" at his estate in Florida. In doing so, Trump will most certainly wield more influence over the American public than "President" Biden, who is clearly working for his Chinese benefactors! However, many supporters still hold out hope that Trump will run again in 2024. Will this come to pass? Scroll down for my predictions.>>>

Will President Trump run for a second term in 2024? I don't think so! He was actually very surprised to be elected to the Presidency in the first place, and has been happy to vacate the White House in January for a much more luxe lifestyle in Florida where he can cut all kinds of business deals, wield more domestic and (some) international influence, and enjoy his gorgeous wife Melania who considered the move to the White House a major "step down" in her lifestyle.

Expect to see a much more slim and trim President Trump to emerge from all of this once he gets a few months worth of much-needed and much-deserved rest and relaxation! Until then, I would expect him to remain relatively quiet.

We've got two "good" years of a dazed and confused Biden administration filled with infighting and a great deal of pushback from the States who aren't going to take his executive orders laying down. In these two years, Trump will aid in the spread of a new political party--most likely the Patriot Party--that will take hold across the country. And, if you remember my prediction several years ago that Ivanka Trump was likely to win the election to the President of the U.S. in 2028, you might recall that I predicted that she would run under a NEW political party, and here it is! (Read the original prediction here).

Lots of things change in 2023, but honestly, I haven't made up my mind whether it will be a period of depression or prosperity. My personal goal is to get out of this country by early 2023, since I think the Communist Chinese, the IMF and the Democrats aren't likely to go down without a fight!

The good news is, I don't see a mass roll-out of a Chinese-style social credit system in the near future, despite efforts to do so. States have already threatened to block companies like Facebook who has been quietly developing social scores for Americans under the radar, and are primed and ready to lock down our freedoms with it!

And honestly, I don't see Biden or V.P. Harris being able to maintain any kind of real political power for long. It is clear that President Trump intends to push for a House and Senate takeover in 2023, which would allow for an immediate impeachment of both Biden and Harris (if she were ever to step into office to fill Biden's shoes). That leaves what could be a Speaker of the House ascension to the Presidency, and this could be someone like Kevin McCarthy, who recently flew to Florida to meet with President Trump.

The bottom line is, I just don't see President Trump running for a second term in 2024. We are more likely to see someone like Michelle Obama take over the White House in 2020, in what will be a short and miserable Presidency beginning with all smiles but leading to an aggressive military lockdown on a national level by 2027. By 2028, sleepy Americans will have had enough of the old Democrat and Republican traitors!

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